The Metaverse Land Rush ╽Purchasing My First Digital Property

The Metaverse Land Rush ╽Purchasing My First Digital Property

In today’s video I discuss use cases on how to make passive income in the metaverse, how to purchase digital property, and ultimately, which digital property I decided to buy and why. I also discuss what I plan on doing with that property and how you can get free land in the metaverse as well.

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0: 00 Introduction
1: 44 What is The Metaverse
2: 10 Cons Against The Metaverse
2: 57 Which Metaverse Land to Buy?
4: 00 The Sandbox
4: 40 Axie Infinity
5: 15 Decentraland
6: 58 Somnium Space
9: 07 What I Plan On Doing With My Land
9: 49 How To Check Virtual Land Stats
10: 07 Get Land For Free


This is not a sponsored video and this is not financial advice. I have a video here on how to do your own research:

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